Quality made in Canada high efficiency boilers. 

     The climate extremes here in Canada demand efficient and reliable heating technology ensuring efficiency, a long service life and made in Canada quality. Alberta is well known for extreme cold to the north with variable weather patterns further south during heating season including at times dramatic temperature swings courtesy of our Chinook influenced weather.

     Canadian manufacturers of high efficiency condensing gas boilers are producing among the best boilers in the industry and have been for years. These boilers all have years of reliable and efficient service in the field and quality after sale and technical support. Properly sized, installed using best practice methods with regular service and maintenance intervals, they will provide years of reliable heating service and have proven to be up to all the weather extremes our Canadian climate may throw our way.
     And while there are many boilers on the market we prefer to choose Canadian made heating products for retrofits and new installations where possible.


IBC SL series boilers 

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IBC boiler ignition controlibc sl boiler burner view port

     One of our favorite boilers for the retrofit market and new installations, is the IBC SL high efficiency modulating boiler. With both left and right hand outlets available right out of the box they are easily configured for most common residential applications. Capable of up to four multi-load or multi-temperature demands, makes these models perfect for modern hydronic heating systems.

IBC VFC series boilers

ibc vfc condensing gas boiler

     The IBC VFC series boilers have proven to be efficient and reliable and provide years of heating service. The new VFC series is now available with a new V10 Touchscreen controller. 

Read about the VFC series.

ibc vfc high efficiency condensing gas boiler

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NY Thermal Trinity Tx series boilers

2015-11-30 10.05.47NY Thermal Trinity Tx boiler

     One of our longer serving boiler brands here in Canada, NY Thermal or NTI based out of Saint John, New Brunswick are manufacturers of quality condensing boilers.

     One such product is the NY Thermal Trinity Tx 151c combi boiler has been utilized in replacing the problematic Quietside QVM9 hydronic boilers. Available as either a stand alone boiler or in a combination unit that produces DHW (domestic hot water) with an integral tankless plate to plate heat exchanger.

Click on THIS LINK to read more on this Canadian made boiler.

NY Thermal Trinity Lx series boiler

     The successor to the popular NTI Trinity Ti series boilers, the NTI Lx series high efficiency condensing boiler is a marked improvement over its Ti series predecessor. They were perhaps the first boilers with fully interactive touch screen controls, capable of both multi load configuration and temperature demands. Also convertable to a pure DHW production, tankless hot water boiler, they can be cascaded or multi staged for large loads such as car washes.

     The high efficiency condensing gas boiler market has quality products from various manufacturers both domestic and international. Buying Canadian made boilers will help advance research and development of Canadian high efficiency condensing gas boiler technology, including supporting our Canadian economy and heating equipment manufacturers.

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Servicing and maintaining high efficiency boilers.

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Munchkin high efficiency boilers. 

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NTI Trinity T hydronic boiler upgrade. 

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Condensing high efficiency  boilers and furnaces. 

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Hydronic system filtration

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