Quietside hydronic boiler replacements.

Some Quietside series boilers have been recalled due to overheating issues which may result in fire dangers. Read about the recall notice HERE.

Many of these Quietside hydronic boilers were installed in the Calgary area since about 2007. Problems were intermittent and not all models suffered from the same issues. Most had minor service issues while many others began to leak well before the expected end of their service life. They were found to be difficult for service and repair access due mostly to the compact and cluttered design.

2015-10-28 13.17.372015-10-28 13.21.152015-10-28 13.19.49

Alberta General Plumbing has on numerous occasions dealt with service requests due to issues with Quiestside hydronic boilers. Service and support availability for these particular models have dwindled to the point where unless salvaging other Quietside boilers, parts are increasingly difficult to source.

2015-11-30 10.05.47

Quietside QVM9 replacement options include the NTI Trinity Tx151C  combi boiler for instance.  The slim compact design with easy service access to the internal boiler components for ease of service and maintenance.

NY Thermal or NTI is an innovative Canadian boiler manufacturer based in Saint John, New Brunswick.

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