Hydronic system filtration

IBC boiler pressure sensorBoiler system filterimage

Mostly overlooked by many boiler service technicians and yet so important to the overall operation of the boiler system. The condition of the boiler fluid or water/glycol mixture within the circulation system is critical. Suspended solids caused by corrosion or contaminants from the initial installation is harmful to all boiler systems and related components.

Boiler system filters are available from Caleffi, like the 5462DirtCal or the 5463DirtMag and in this particular blog Fernox as well as many other particulate filters such as the stainless steel model shown above. In our opinion these are among the best boiler fluid filtration components on the market today. Both @Caleffius and @Fernox provide superior filtration for separation and removal of metallic and/or non metallic particulate matter from the boiler fluid stream.

Proper filtration to remove particulate matter suspended in the solution is critical to boiler system longevity and reduced repair and maintenance costs. Another picture above, depicts a Fernox TF1 total filter which is capable of removing both magnetic and nonmagnetic particulate matter suspended in boiler fluid. Especially important when replacing an old boiler, these filters remove particulate matter that would otherwise continue circulating throughout the system causing internal erosion of the new boiler heat exchanger and related components such as boiler pressure sensors(as shown in pic above), pumps, zone valves, circulation piping and radiant floor tubing. The internal magnet attracts metal particles that can act as grit similar to sandblasting and can significantly damage boiler system components. We recommend placing these filters on the circulation return lines to the boiler. And the cyclonic action of the flow pattern allows for efficient separation of other nonmagnetic matter as well. Another key benefit of this Fernox filter is it allows use as a dosing point for corrosion inhibitors such as Fernox F1 system protector or Master’s Pro-Tek 922.

Of course proper commissioning of the complete boiler system and a thorough cleaning with products like Fernox F3 System cleaner or Master’s Hydro-Solv 9100 will ensure the system operates as designed and minimizes future boiler repair costs.

Ask your current boiler maintenance professional for more information on this and other boiler system maintenance products.

We at Alberta General Plumbing offer comprehensive boiler maintenance equipment and programs. Specializing in hydronic system installation and boiler service and boiler repair

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