Heating system maintenance? Or out of sight and out of mind.


It always happens, year after year.  As soon as the temperatures start dropping below -10C the inevitable calls come in complaining of no heat. Your home heating system requires regular service the same as your vehicle. Try running your vehicle without proper service and maintenance and let’s see how long it will last.
A boiler system, furnace and any gas burning appliance requires annual maintenance to keep it running efficiently and reliably. Many after hour issues we respond to, can be mitigated with regular professional heating system service and maintenance.
Filters that are so dirty they have been sucked into the furnace blower compartment and may or may not have impeded the furnace motor. Change your furnace filter at least every 3 months and more often if you have pets.

Heating equipment preventative maintenance goes along way in ensuring your heating system is up to the task of keeping you and your home warm during our rather long Calgary heating seasons. More often people never even bother stepping into their mechanical room just to have a look around and see if anything appears out of the ordinary. Is there fluid leaking on the floor? Strange noises emanating from equipment? Is the mechanical room an extra storage room jam packed with household items. Remember your furnace or mechanical room needs to be kept clean at all times. Access to critical pieces of equipment such as boilers, furnaces and hot water tanks must be maintained. All the time a service technician has to spend cleaning the areas around these pieces of equipment will cost you. Our time on site is not free nor is it a social call, we as service technicians are there to repair one piece of equipment or another.

Many people overlook checking their high efficiency appliances and their related intake and exhaust piping on the outside of their house. More often than not simple no heat calls are a direct result of dirty air filters, blocked combustion intake piping and years of poor annual heating equipment maintenance practices.

For example, the high efficiency heating system exhaust and intake pipe terminations on the exterior of your home. Check these intake/exhaust piping at least monthly and more often especially following a heavy snowfall. Snow, frost, leaves and general environmental debris can clog these pipes in a hurry and result in a costly service call. Another indication as to whether your high efficiency heating appliance may have a blocked or partially blocked combustion air intake, is when there is an abundance of white hoar frost stuck to trees, fences and power wires. There is a pretty good chance that this hoar frost has at least partially blocked your intake/exhaust piping.

For proper and professional heating equipment give us a call, we will be more than happy to help you out.

We are a local Calgary heating service, repair and maintenance company.  including Calgary boiler service and repair, and  Calgary furnace service and repair company.

Make an effort to at least make a walk through of your mechanical room at least once a week. There is a better chance of noticing small issues before they manifest into a much larger and much more costly repair.

We provide heating system maintenance, service and repairs. We offer boiler parts, boiler pumps, top quality glycol and corrosion protection chemicals. We also descale heat exchangers, boilers and tankless hot water tanks.


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