NTI Trinity boiler service and repair.


We service and repair all NTI Trinity high efficiency boilers. NY Thermal make quality NTI boilers for residential applications.
From the older Trinity T series boilers to the Trinity TI 100, TI 150, TI 200 and the Trinity LX 150, LX 200 LX 300 series high efficiency condensing gas boilers. We service and repair NTI boilers.

We provide boiler service,  boiler service, boiler parts, boiler maintenance,  boiler
chemicals, cross connection testing.
Ignitors, flame sensors, inducer motors, gas valves, wiring harnesses and other repair parts.
We will come to your house and check for proper operation and maintenance requirements for optimal efficiency.  High efficiency condensing boilers are installed much differently than older boilers. Correct installation of these boilers will help ensure correct operation, maximize efficiency and extend the service of of your NTI high efficiency condensing gas boiler.
Trouble shooting, remediation, system upgrades or re-piping to meet current gas appliance safety codes. We can make your NTI Trinity boiler work safely, reliably and efficiently once again.

Alberta General Plumbing

403 -390-1115

Email: info@generalplumbing.ca



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