Laars Mini-Therm boiler service and repair.

laars mini therm boiler

We service and repair all Laars boilers including the Laars Neo Therm condensing high efficient boiler and the Laars Mini Therm mid efficient line of boilers. The Mini Therm models are popular here in Calgary and widely used in radiant slab heating.
We service, repair and maintain these boilers including Teledyne Laars boiler parts and heat exchanger cleaning.
A common problem with the Laars Mini Therm boiler if not serviced regularly is a  partially blocked heat exchanger resulting in the flame roll out switch tripping which requires a manual reset. This safety device is located directly under the gas valve on the burner cover. If this roll out switch trips the only recommended and safe solution is to call a Calgary boiler service or boiler repair company, to inspect the boiler and if necessary clean the heat exchanger of combustion byproducts.

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